It’s no secret, I love to build. The feeling is gratifying. Growing up, I spent the majority of my time building paper rockets, activity boards, gingerbread houses and of course, Lego cities. Being able to put pieces together to create value that is greater than the sum of its parts is rewarding. Not to mention, acknowledging you did this all by yourself makes the process that much more satisfying, #girlboss moment.

Blog 1 - Girl Boss Lego

Before I knew it, my playroom turned into a workstation, I had graduated and I started my career building programs and shaping brands for Fortune 500 companies. Back when raw materials such as Lego pieces, gingerbread cookies and cardboard boxes were the only key building blocks to a successful product, I was suddenly given a lot more ingredients to play to with – but it came at a cost – consider tight timelines, strained human capital, limited resources and complex partnerships, to name a few.

Making sure I rose to the challenge, I sought advice and stumbled upon several articles on entrepreneurship. Training myself to think like one for application in my role, perhaps as an intrapreneur, brought me back to my fantasy world as a child, where I was the master of my own destiny, had the freedom to own my calendar and called all the shots.

Don’t get me wrong, for the reasons that attract me to entrepreneurship, there are just as many, if not more, that caution how demanding this career path can be. In fact, according to an article on Forbes, 90% of startups fail; meaning that for every one success story, there are nine failures.

Regardless if you are an aspiring entrepreneur, intrapreneur or even a child who is about to embark on building their very first Lego city, here are a few admirable characteristics of an entrepreneur to consider incorporating in your daily life:

1. Stay curious
Those who are open to new experiences in turn, generate more original ideas that are counter-conformist. After all, it is about having a hungry mind. Entrepreneurs constantly question why things are done the way they are and to go against the grain to make positive changes.

2. Be fearless
We have all held back for various reasons. So much of entrepreneurship is dealing with repeated failure, in fact, it happens on a weekly, even daily basis. Not only are entrepreneurs are not afraid to fail, but they have redefined failure as a metaphor for learning, trying, and ultimately, growing. There is a reason why they say “the bridge of success is built on the pillars of failures.”

3. Tenacity is second nature
When failure happens, you have to start all over again. Being able to live with uncertainty and push through obstacles is important. Entrepreneurs understand that success does not happen overnight and it absolutely does not happen without persevering past a multitude of roadblocks and setbacks.

4. Master the art of execution
Execution is making things happen and entrepreneurs play a vital role in making change happen, which makes it that much more challenging. Great ideas are given meaning and brought to life only when they are acted upon. Those with an entrepreneurial spirit create their own commitments and hold themselves accountable in order to make significant contributions within their area of expertise.

5. Set audacious goals
Goethe once said “Dream no small dreams for they move no hearts.” Audacious goals help light fires and keeps the flames within burning through the darkest of times. Entrepreneurs rewire their brain when making a conscious choice to achieve something they have no clue how to do. Doing so alters their mindset, as well, sticking with challenge that propels them outside their comfort zone also changes entrepreneurs at their core.

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Do you enjoy building? Have you encountered an challenges along the way? Did your mindset have an influence on your outcome? I’d love to hear!